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Looking for a swap meet? Want to check out the different classic and antique vehicles?
Care to join in on a cruise-in? You've come to the right place! We have an event for you.
Bring your family and make it an inexpensive getaway. Meet other enthusiasts as yourself,
make friends, meet up with friends, join a Classic Car Club.

And ladies, if you're just tagging along for the fun but you are more into craft shows, check out
the Events Calendar. You may just find what you're looking for at one of the car shows. Bring
the kids too! There's fun for everyone.

Auto Events Calendar© is the original Mac Bater's "Michigan Auto Events" Calendar.


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The Story & Man Behind the Auto Events Calendar  

 For Mac Bater's entire life, he had a passion for classic and antique automobiles.
He owned several throughout his life, including the following: 1920 Ford Model T,
3 door touring; 1929 Ford Model A, 2 door sedan; 1934 Ford, 3 window coupe,
1937 Ford Coupe & 2-door sedan; 1939 Buick 4-door sedan; 1941 Hudson convertible;
1942 Chevy; 1942 Plymouth; 1950 Ford; 1953 Mercury 2-door hardtop; 1953 Chevy;
1955 Mercury, 1957 Ford Fairlane; 1963 Ford Fairlane; 1965 & '69 Pontiacs;
1969 Ford Galaxie 500 convertible; 1972 & '76 Chevy Caprice; and 1979 & '85 Oldsmobile.
In the late '80's, Mac began attending auto events on a regular basis. He constructed a
calendar for his own person use with upcoming events throughout the year.

Every year, Mac was asked by several people where they could purchase such a calendar
themselves. After sharing his calendar with some friends for a few years, Mac decided to
make it available to the public. In 1992, the Michigan Auto Events Calendar was born.

Mac felt it was time to organize a car club and share his newly found hobby, the
Michigan Auto Events Calendar
. October 1, 1992, the Jackson Street Cruisers Club
was formed and the Michigan Auto Events Calendar was shared among members.

Mac took pride in his publication in that he took the time and patience to gather
information, contact each and every event to get correct dates and telephone numbers,
and then printing it at a local printer in our area. To this date, we follow his example
and do the same thing. Mac Bater did a good thing when he shared the
Michigan Auto Events Calendar
and we will continue to bring you the best Auto Events
available. Thank you for your patronage!

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